You are curious about about important stats of your Facebook accounts? One of our users does and he asked us if he can see amount of likes you received on Facebook. We are going to answer this question on this page. We hope that this guide will also answer those whoever have the same questions on their minds. You can ask us if you have any questions with related subject.

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Can You See Amount of Likes You Received on Facebook?

Some applications provide some statistics for their users but unfortunately Facebook is not one of those applications. You can’t see the statistics there.  There is not also any other application that can provide this service to you. So it is impossible to see amount of likes you have on Facebook. Unfortunately the answer of this question is no.

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Any Website or an Application that Show All Likes?

Facebook stopped share statistics with third party tools for a while ago. If they even share some datas with people, this is very limited. Websites can’t provide this information to you. Or if they even try to gives that information, that will not be correct at all. You will generally have more likes than those websites show since Facebook is going to limit that. Using an application will not also work since it will be in similar situation with websites. So simply you can’t see amount of likes you received on Facebook.

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If you would like to see all content that you liked on Facebook, you can do it through activity logs. You can see all comment likes, page likes and interest likes with that way. However this won’t be likes that you received, they will be only your likes. Besides you will not get any other statistics with that. So you will not also see the amount of your own likes.

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