How to Know if Someone Else Read Facebook Messages

You would like to know if someone else read your Facebook Messages but you are not sure about that? We will tell you how to know if someone else read facebook messages on this page. You can easily follow our steps to find out that person. That will take a few seconds. You can do it through IP though. So we recommend you to check your IP first. You can visit “My IP Information” to learn your current IP address first. Then follow the steps which we provide for you below:

Does Someone Else Read Facebook Messages of You?

To know if someone else read your messages on Facebook:

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1-) Go to your Facebook and login to your account.

2-) Go to account settings page.

3-) Click/Tap on “Download a copy of your Facebook data.“.

4-) Click/Tap on green “Start my Archive” button. You can see the picture below.

5-) You will need to confirm your password to go further. Please add your password and click on submit button.

6-) Now you will see a “Request My Download” window on your page. You will need to click on blue “Start My Archive” button again.

7-) A new window will appear on your screen with “Download Requested” header and it will tell you that you will receive datas very soon through mail. This can take for sometime.

8-) You will get a notification from Facebook that your download is ready. Click on the notification that you received.

9-) Click/Tap on Download Archive button.

10-) Confirm your password again and click/tap on blue submit button. Your data will be sent with a zip.

11-) Unzip folder, tap on html and then tap on security.

12-) Now you can see the security report and see if someone else use your account and read your messages.

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Alternative Way to Know If Someone Else Read Facebook Messages in Your Account

They way which we have provided you above is a little bit advanced way to figure out if someone else read facebook messages of you. Now we will give you an alternative and easy way.

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1-) Login your acoount.

2-) Click on arrow menu button.

3-) Click on Settings.

4-) Click on “Security and Login” button which is located left sidebar of the website.

5-) Check “Where You’re Logged In” option and see if there is any other connection to your account.

If you have any question regarding this subject, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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