My Day in Messenger Doesn’t work on Oppo A3s

Facebook Messenger can be complicated for Facebook user at times since there are too many problems appearing on the application after updates. My Day is also another problem for the application which people get lots of errors. One of our visitors has faced with similar problem with his Oppo A3s device and he doesn’t have my day in the application. I am going to tell him some solutions for him here and I hope that these are going to work for him. This is the question of the visitor.


Question:  I dont have my my day in my messenger. I don’t know why.
Operating System:  Android 8.0+
Application Name:  Facebook Messenger, My Day Feature
Device Brand:  Oppo A3s
Tag:  Messenger My Day

How to Resolve if Messenger My Day Doesn’t Work?

Since you have told us My Day doesn’t appear on Facebook Messenger, we think that this is a bug issue. There are a few ways to fix bugs. One of them is reinstalling Messenger and the another option is installing APK file to your device. Installing the APK is not the best option but if you can find a secure download website, this can be a good option for you.

Installing a Messenger APK

You can learn how to install a messenger APK from our guides on How to Chat Online. We recommend you to do this if you think that you have nothing to do against this problem. APKMirror is one of those safe websites.

My Day in Messenger Doesn't work on Oppo A3s

Reinstalling Messenger on Your Oppo A3s Device

This is another good option to fix this problem. Since you are using an Oppo A3s device, you can learn how to reinstall it on your device from here: how to reinstall Facebook Messenger on Android. It almost works for every single Android devices.

If you have any questions regarding My Day, please let us know.

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