Can’t Update Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the important applications which Facebook users download their phones. You can talk with your friends with this application. You can send text messages, voice messages, send video and voice calls. While you are using the app, you can face with some problems. Especially update error is one of the most common problems of the application. If you can’t update Facebook Messenger, you can find solutions in the steps below. But if you are facing with another update problem, you will need to look at other tutorials for that. Especially, “Messenger Asks for Update but It is Already Updated” is one of the most common errors about that. You can also see our solutions if you have a problem about that.

Why You Can’t Update Facebook Messenger?

There can be several reasons that you can’t update Facebook Messenger. One of those reasons is your internet connection. We recommend you to check your internet connection first. If you think that you have no problem with the connection, please also ensure that you are not using an APK. If you have installed an old version of Messenger from APK website, this can cause this problem too. If your problem is not related with one of those errors, please check our steps below on this page.

Can’t Update Facebook Messenger, How to Fix?

  • Close messenger application.
  • Reinstall Messenger on your device.
  • Run messenger on your phone.

Can't Update Facebook Messenger

It sounds quite easy? Yes, it is… Since you can’t update the Facebook from Play Store directly, you will uninstall it and install it once more. Since all chats are saved on your Facebook account, they are not going to be deleted from your phone. When you installed the application again, you will begin to use it without any backup problem. This is how you can fix the problem if you can’t update Facebook messenger.

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