Can’t Send Pictures on Messenger

Messenger is the best tool for those who are using the Facebook app on their phone. This application allows Facebook users to share pictures and send messages as same as other instant messaging apps. Sometimes problems are occurring with the application. One of those recent problems is that users can’t send pictures on Messenger. This problem has been reported by Android users recently. We will provide some solutions for you on here. Some users are already reported that they can’t send messages on Messenger recently.

Firstly we should let you know that, every problems don’t happen because of developers. You will need to be ensure that your internet connection is good enough for file sharing. Especially if you try to share 4-5 mb size pictures with 2G connection, that won’t end well at times. It also depends how your GSM working at the location you are talking to your friends by your phone.

Can’t Send Pictures on Messenger, How to Fix It?

  • Test your internet speed with other instant messaging apps. We recommend 3G internet connection for file sharing at the least. Messenger is going to still compress your picture but that is not enough for slow connections. Ensure that your connection is good and you can easily upload your files through other instant messaging applications too. If you are having this problem only at Messenger, please take a look at step below.
  • Reinstall Messenger Application. You can get information about how to reinstall Messenger application on Android devices in our tutorial. You can also do that for iOS devices too, if you can’t send pictures on Messenger. This is very easy… Tap and hold on Messenger icon on your phone. Tap on x button to uninstall the application. Go to App Store and search for Messenger. Install the application to your device again. Check if you can’t send pictures on your device.

Can't Send Pictures on Messenger

Can’t Send Pictures on Messenger Yet, What to Do?

If all solutions above didn’t work for you, you will need to leave a review on Google Play Store or App Store about the issue or you will need to contact Facebook about the situation. You can also try install old version of the application.

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