Can’t Send Messages on Messenger

Messenger is an instant messaging app that you can talk to your Facebook friends. The main feature of the application is messaging of course, however sometimes people can’t send messages on Messenger. There are various reasons of this problem. However these problems are generally occurring after an update. If you are facing with a similar error, this guideline is going to help you about solutions. We hope you could manage to find solutions for your problem on this page.

You can follow the steps below for fixing your problem with Facebook Messenger…

Can’t Send Messages on Messenger, How to Fix?

  1. Check your internet connection and speed.
  2. Delete cache and data of the application.
  3. Reinstall Messenger on your device.
  4. Install old version of Messenger.

Internet Connection and Speed

You need a good internet connection and speed to use instant messaging apps. Otherwise you are going to have difficulties for using features of the applications. We recommend 3G connection at the least to communicate with your friends through messaging. Better connection means better speed to talk someone on IM.

Delete Cache and Data

This option is not available for iOS devices. You can do this on Android devices with the following steps:

Settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

Then restart your device and check if you can’t send messages on Messenger yet. If you can’t still do it, you will need to reinstall the application as we have shown at steps above.

Reinstall the App

If you are having problem with the latest version of the messenger, this will be a good solution for you. Deleting cache and data is not an available option for iOS devices but when you reinstall an application on iPhone, you also remove cache and data. You will need to uninstall the application and then install it from store for this.

Can't Send Messages on Messenger

Older Version

We should admit that this is not a secure step to do but another option to fix problems with the application. You need to download APK of Messenger for fix problems with recent updates. After you are done with the installation please check if you can’t send messages on Messenger yet.

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