Messages are Disappearing on Facebook Messenger

If your messages are disappearing on Facebook Messenger on an iOS or Android phone, you don’t have to do much about it since Facebook couldn’t provide any solution for this problem about 3 years. People are facing this problem because of unknown reasons almost about 4 years or may be more. The problem also occurs on Facebook’s website too. We are going to tell you a few ways as solution here, however we should remind you that no solution has been published by Facebook for this problem but messages which have been disappeared can appear again. We will tell you how to do that below.

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How to Recover Disappeared Messages on Facebook Messenger

There are two ways to see your messages on Facebook Messenger:

1-) Check Archived Messages.

If you would like to recover your disappeared messages on Facebook Messenger, you will need to check your archived messages. Sometimes Facebook is archiving your messages without a reason. You can check these messages on the archive. You can click here to learn how to read archived messages on Android. You can click here to learn how to read archived messages on iPhone.

2-) Open a Conversation with Friends.

Opening a conversation with a friend will also help you to resolve this issue. Some users have reported that they manage to get their conversations back with opening a new conversation with their friends. All you need to do is starting a new conversation with clicking on  icon and search your friend’s name. Tap her/his name and done!

Unfortunately some users also reported that both solutions didn’t work for them. If these solutions didn’t work for you, you don’t have to much to do. You can send a feedback to Facebook and report to issue through Google Play page of the application.

If you have any other solutions for this problem, you can comment this page and let Facebook Messenger users to know other solutions.


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