Is it OK to Create a Fake Facebook Account?

We got this question (Is it OK to Create a Fake Facebook Account?) from a user from Canada recently and we are going to answer this question with detailed information on  this page. The answer of this question is simply “It depends…”. What do you aim via creating a fake Facebook account? Impersonating someone or just creating an imaginary profile? The answer of this question is important. Let’s see details…

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I Want to Create a Fake Facebook Account with an Imaginary Profile, Is it OK?

Yes it is OK. However there is one thing you should be careful about this situation. You will need to use a picture which has no copyright claims on it. If you use a picture which has copyright, that can create some troubles for you or your profile. This is only one thing you should be careful. You also need to use a random name…

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Is it OK to Create a Facebook Account of Someone Else

No, it is not. When you create a Facebook account for someone else and if you use that individual’s pictures, personal data and some other stuff, you are going to be in trouble. You are going to have charges because of this. Why? Because in many countries using picture of someone else is not legal. You will need to permission of that individual at first. Using same personal data with someone is also illegal and it is against the data protection. Making statements and also false statements for someone else is also against laws. If you do fraud with those accounts, this will be directly a police issue unlike other fake account issues.

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