Is it Illegal to Pretend to be Someone Else on Facebook

We have mentioned about impersonation on Facebook before. We are going to mention about if it is illegal to pretend to be someone on this page for you. This situation can be changed at times. However there are some facts in laws which you shouldn’t do… We will discuss about that on this page of How to Chat Online for you. If you have any questions, regarding this, please let us know.

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Is it Illegal to Pretend to be Someone Else on Facebook

Creating a fake account and pretending as someone else can create problems to you. There are several reasons of this… When you create account and pretend to be someone else, you will need to use some information on that person. So this is the main criminal problem… So let’s tell you what are crimes when you try impersonation (pretend to be) someone on Facebook with examples:

Let’s say you have created a Facebook account as Justin Bieber and you want to pretend be like him. Having the same name is not legal issue since there are too many people who are using same names and second names. However these are going to be problem:

  • Using the picture of him in your account. – Copyright  & Protection of Personal Data
  • Using the same marriage status with him. – Protection of Personal Data
  • Copying same personal information with him such as birth date, religion, etc. – Protection of Personal Data

There are more serious crimes than those and you can really get trouble if you do those crimes:

  • While you are impersonating that person, if you ever try to false statements in the name of that person, that can be serious crime.
  • If you ever try to fraud people with that account, this situation will be go to directly to the police.

See Also: Is It Crime to Create Fake Facebook Account in USA


How to Avoid Crimes with a Fake Account

You will need to avoid all facts we have counted above. You will need to avoid using pictures of someone, using religious, marriage status of him, copying similar personal data and you shouldn’t make public statements in the name of that individual.

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