Is it Illegal to Create a Fake Facebook Account in UK

According to UK Laws, creating a simple Fake Facebook or any other impersonation attempt at social network services account is not illegal. However there are some important issues with creating fake accounts in the law and fake account creators can be charged with several penalties. Impersonating someone can be illegal at these points:

  • If the fake profile contains some private information.
  • False statements about the victim.
  • Publishing photographs or copyrighted of the victim.
  • Using the account for frauding.

It means actually impersonating someone with his/her photographs is totally against laws in United Kingdom. Also fake account creator shares private information of the actual person on that account, he will be also charged with a serious penalty. What are these private informations? These private informations are: relationship status, marriage status, religion, etc.

You can get more information about impersonating issues from Police Department of Staffordshire: 

If you think that there is a fake account of you on Facebook you can report it with our guideline: How to Report Fake Accounts on Facebook

Can I Call Police for a Fake Facebook Account in UK?

Unfortunately you can’t call the police for a fake Facebook account mostly in United Kingdom since Police has nothing to do with it except one issue. You will need to start a legal process towards that account via attorney. As the Staffordshire Police has mentioned (See the source above), you can’t contact to police for the usage of private information, false statements and copyright issues but frauds.

How to Report a Fraud with Fake Account to UK Police

You can only contact to police if there is online fraud attempts through the fake account. You will need to do it via online action fraud service of the police

How will you report the fraud via Fake Facebook Account in United Kingdom:

  • You can always get support from a police through live chat service of the Action Fraud Department of the Police.
  • You can always call 0300 123 2040 to get immediate support.
  • You can go to the report fraud page of Action Fraud Department of UK Police and give more detailed information about the problem.

Is it Illegal to Create a Fake Facebook Account in UK

Is it Illegal to Create a Fake Facebook Account in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

The same law is applicable at every regions of United Kingdom. Such as England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland… So creating a Fake Facebook account with the 4 facts we have counted above is totally illegal. If you are living one of those countries and if you would like to create a fake account, you will be charged with penalty. We recommend you to avoid creating fake account attempts at all. If you ever face with fake Facebook account we recommend you to read the police part of the page. You can get immediate help from police for fraud attempts.

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