Opening the archived messages on Facebook Messenger is one of serious problems who are using this application on their iPhone devices. We are going to tell you how to see archived messages on iPhone and other iOS devices on this page for you. We hope that it will be useful for you and you will able to reach the messages with our tips. Let’s begin to tell you steps which you need to do.

Read Your Archived Messages in iPhone Facebook Messenger

Go to Random Chat

a-) Run your application in your iPhone device.

b-) Tap on the home icon which is located bottom menu of the application.

c-) You will need to swipe a conversation to left to see options. (It can be any conversation you have in the app. There is nothing to do with conversation! No worries!)

d-) Tap on “More” icon to see more options.

e-) Now you will need to tap on “Archive” from the menu you will see.

f-) In the new page, you will need to tap on the icon which you can write a new message: 

g-) Type the name of the individual which you will see the archived messages and finally tap on his/her name to see your old conversations.

This is how you can check your archived messages which you have sent to someone in the past. We will also provide the Android version of this for you very soon. If you have any question about this topic, you can let us know in our community or Q&A service.

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