How to Report a Facebook Account for Harassment

Are you or one of your relatives is in trouble with cyberbullying or harassment on Facebook? You will find information on report a Facebook account for harassment and cyberbullying on here. We hope that our guide is going to be useful for you and you can take action against those accounts. You can also demand justice against those accounts legally since many countries are accepting that cyberbullying and online harassment are formally crime.

Please note that, since we are not lawyer, we are just going to give you basic information about what you can do… We will also tell you how you can report those accounts. We recommend you to go to a lawyer for legal actions against a Facebook account.

How to Report a Facebook Account for Harassment

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Visit Facebook Report page.
  3. Select Bullying and Harassment from the selections.
  4. Answer Yes to “Do you have a Facebook account?” question.
  5. Answer Yes to “Are you blocked from seeing the content (ex: photo, comment, post) you want to report?” question.
  6. Provide the links of harassment incident at the first three field.
  7. Enter a date for the harassment issue.
  8. Describe the problem with individual in the description field.
  9. Enter your name.
  10. Attach screenshots if you have any.
  11. Click on send button to send the report.

How to Report a Facebook Account for Harassment

Legal Issues

If you think that harassment and the cyber bullying can be a criminal issue and if you want to sue the other account owner, you will need to visit a lawyer for this. However we don’t recommend you to go to police for this issue. It is because Police only cares for online fraud problems in most of countries. (eg: India, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America) You can also call police department of your country and ask them if they are caring for cyberbullying and online harassment issue.

In some countries, cyberbullying and online harassment may not be a crime. It also depends on the behaviour of the other individual. The best option will be asking to a lawyer about the situation. If you think that the individual created a fake account and violated the rights of you or your company, please see this information: Is it Illegal to Create a Fake Facebook Account in UK

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