How To Remove a Person Facebook Block List

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Here, users can add other users they know as friends and interact with them. Facebook has a messenger for sending messages. You can install the messenger app on your phone without a pc and you can continue messaging with Facebook. If you have blocked messages from somebody, you cannot communicate them from Messenger but you can unblock them later. Let’s find out how you can unblock a person. Here is a step by step guide for Facebook users on your Pc :

In the first step, you need to open Messenger for Windows or macOS. And then click on your Profile Picture which plays in the top left corner of the page. Later that you need to click on the Preferences section and Account Settings. In this way, your account will show your settings page. In this setting, you can find Blocking on the left and click on it. Scroll down on this page and find the Block messages section. And in the final step, click on Unblock option to the person you want to talk to, and then you will be able to send a message.

Remove a Person From Your Facebook Block List on Android

At the very beginning of this task, you need to download and open the Messenger app on your phone. Then open your chat section and tap on your profile. You will see the Menu tap on your privacy section.

If you followed the instructions, you should have unblocked the person you want, if you couldn’t, repeat the steps. And remember if you blocked somebody on Facebook, Messenger will block them too. Since they are connected one thing you do on each of them will affect other apps as well. So, if the person is unblocked from messenger, you also need to remove it via Facebook with these steps. In privacy tap on the blocked people and choose the person you want to react to, click on unblock option on Messenger.

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