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Do you want to meet beautiful girls on Facebook and you don’t know how to do it? We are going to give you a few good tips on here for meeting these girls and these tips will aide you to find any girls from any countries. Our tips are going to be with pictures, so it will be very easy for you to figure out things. The first thing you should do is what kind of girl you are looking for? A brunette? Asian girl? Blonde or Black Girl? Latin American? Arabic or Russian? After you select your destination, you can start to search for girls profiles.

Firstly you need to find some cities of the country (which you selected), on internet. You can search the city names on Google. E.g.: You are looking for a girl from Russia, you need to search this on the search engine: “List of Cities of Russia“. We recommend you to enter Wikipedia results. It will also help you to get original names of the cities. If your targets mother language is not English, you will certainly need to find out these cities on wikipedia to learn it’s  original language. You will understand what I mean when you look at steps which will give you below. So let’s start.
This is the video about all of these article. If you would like to get tips from pictures you can take a look below of the video.


How to Get Girl Profiles

(I will take “Russia” for these example, you can select another country and replace the country name instead of Russia  any time)

Step 1: Firstly you need to search list of cities on Google. So I need to search “List of Cities in Russia”) So you should make a search like this and please click on the search result which offers you result “by population”. It will be handy for you.


Step 2: Now you entered the resource site, you will need to copy the city name in original language. (If you are looking for Russian cities, it must be Russian name. If it’s Swedish city, it must be in Swedish. You can click on the cities name to copy original names of the cities like example) We selected Russian city: Saint Petersburg for our example. Just copy the name of the city in original language like in the picture:

Step 3: We copied our targetted city and we are ready to login to Facebook. After you login to site please paste the city name onto search box and don’t hit enter yet.


Step 4: Click on search icon instead of hitting enter. It won’t redirect you to pages. It’s what you need! If you hit enter our tips won’t work at all and you will need to come back.

Step 5: Now you will meet with search results, click on the “Groups” which is located side bar of the site. It will help you a lot for finding girl profiles.


Step 6: Now, you will get group search results. You will need to click on a group with many members (like in the picture below):

Step 7: Now you will need to see all members of the group for meeting with girls. There’s a link which will help you about that. Click on “See All” link or member counter link and get all female profiles:


Step 8: İt’s our last step! Now, you can find girls profiles easily and begin to talk with them. Just click on the profiles before you chat with your partner and try to learn about her interests.

Don’t forget to learn about your partners before you chat with them. Girls generally doesn’t like people who are adding them randomly. Some of them like it… However I would try to talk about her interests before I add her. So try to be kind against your partner and talk with them nicely on Facebook.


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    I am interested to meet some friends through chatting but unfortunately I am not very good at using apps. I am just trying to learn more.


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