How To Delete a Facebook Group that You are Admin

Facebook is a well-known social media platform. Many people can use this site to communicate with their friends, colleagues, and relatives. Also, users can create a conversation group for them. This is a place where they can chat together. If you are a group admin of a chatting space, you can remove it permanently but how can you do it?

We are going to explain it to you with a very brief step-by-step guide in this article but, before we start, you need to know that you cannot reverse it. This is a permanent solution for you. In addition, the group will be deleted when there are no members on it. So, you need to remove all the members before deleting the group. If you do not want to remove all of them, you can also pause the group and create a time for yourself. Let’s learn how to delete it.

Follow these steps to delete a group on Facebook:

The first thing you need to do is to open your News Feed page on Facebook. On the left side of the page, you will see the menu section find and click on the Groups option. Later that, select the group you want to delete. After succeeding in this step, click the Members section which is placed below the group name. To see each member’s name click on the three dots icon. When you find the names, select Remove member and confirm it. Once you have done this step, you need to click on the three dots again. In here you will see your name, click on the next to your name and select the Leave Group option.

Archiving a group option is not available. So after deleting it, you are not able to see the chat anymore. When you delete the group, the other group members will not understand that you remove them. Also If you are not an admin of this group, you are not able to delete it. The only thing as a participant, you can leave the group.

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