beautiful facebook girlsFacebook is very big communication site whole in the world. It was very easy to meet with girls and adding them on this site a few years ago. However moderation of the site decided to limit adding friends in the site. Nowadays it’s very hard to  chat with beautiful girls on Facebook. Because generally these girls are caring for privacy. We are going to give you some key tips for find these girls and how to chat with them. I hope you are going to get good result with our tips and you will able to find many partners. Then you may start to use the site as a dating service. Good Luck!


How to Find Beautiful Girls

It’s actually very easy but limited. Actually you have many options but it’s still limited. You have to spend a little time for it. Firstly you should make a search in Facebook. From where do you seek your partner? A city, a region or a country? E.g. You want a girl from Minsk, Belarus. Just search “Minsk” and just click on “Groups” on the left side bar. You are going to see many groups about Minsk there. Just join these groups and try to communicate with Minsk girls in group page first. If a beautiful girl starts a conversation just try to answer her and get her attention. Take things slower until girls answer you. When you get an answer on the page, send her a message and stay out of pervert stuffs. If she answer your messages you will be ready to chat her. Just begin to get ready for a new dating.

How to Chat with a Girl

Girl answered your message on Facebook and you are ready to talk her… What is next? Also see: How to Impress Girls on Facebook. Firstly try to talk with her without adding as a friend. It will make you mysterious and our target will be curious about you. You know girls are always curious and they love mysterious stuffs. Don’t add them directly. If she goes on to talk with you with messages for a few minutes, then add her. If she stops to talk with you, you can still add her for a last chance. Try to be kind against her and remove if you have any bad photos (before add her). Try to check her profile and look at her likes. If you have common interests try to talk her about that and make her a few little jokes. Girls love to men who makes jokes. Tell her some interesting stuffs about you and some funny stories. If you understand that she is just listening you and interest about what you are talking, you can be sure that she likes you.

Actually it’s very easy to use Facebook like a dating services. But you should know how to chat and act against beautiful girls. Being pervert is rarely work. Many people dating with girls on this site. You can still do it too.

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