If you would like to search a Facebook Image through Google Image Search, you can find some solutions on here. We recommend you to have Google Chrome for solutions with we will provide. Otherwise the way that you can search images will be harder.

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How to Do a Google Image Search on Facebook?

We are going to give you solutions with two different ways… These ways are with Google Chrome and without Google Chrome. You can ask us anytime if you have any questions related with this subject.

Search a Facebook Image on Google with Chrome

  • Run Google Chrome on your device.
  • Go to Facebook.com and login to your account
  • Visit the profile that you want to search pictures on Facebook.
  • Go to pictures of the profile.
  • Right click on image and click on “Search Google for image”.

This is how you can search a Facebook image on Chrome.

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Search a Facebook Image on Google without Chrome

If you are not using Google Chrome browser and if you don’t want to use it, you can do the following searching those images on Google Image Search:

  • Go to Facebook and login.
  • Go to profile that you want to search images.
  • Visit to pictures of your friend.
  • Right click on each picture and download them.
  • Go to Google Image Search.
  • Click on the camera icon which is located in search box.
  • Locate the picture on your device and upload it to search.
  • Wait until it uploads.
  • You will get some results. Check them all and see if any of them are relevant.

These tips are useful for spotting fake accounts on Facebook. If you are suspicious that if an account is fake or not, you can use our tips below. You can ask us any questions about this issue.

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