How to Find Someone on Facebook Using a Picture

You have a picture and you would like to find someone on Facebook through using this image? We are going to help you about this. However there are some certain things to find those people on Facebook:

  • The person you are looking for shouldn’t close his/her profile to search engines.
  • Your friend shouldn’t mark his/her picture as “only me”, “only friends” or “only friends of friends”. The picture should be visible globally.

If she/he does otherwise than what we told above, you won’t able to find your friend’s profile. Let’s begin to tell you how to find a profile with a picture.

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How to Find Someone on Facebook Using a Picture

You will need to do the following to find someone on Facebook using a picture:

  • We recommend you to download Google Chrome for the best experience.
  • You can go to Picture search service of Google.
  • Click on camera icon.
  • Upload the picture of your friend.
  • Click on search icon.
  • Take a look at results.
  • If you see the same picture on a Facebook link, visit the address to get your friend’s profile.

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How to Find Someone on Facebook Using a Picture

Haven’t Seen Any Picture of Her/Him on Search Results

If you haven’t seen any picture of her/him at search results, you have nothing to do for this. Unfortunately Google is your only solution. There is not a image search on Facebook, so you can’t find people through searching their images on the website. We recommend you to try alternative ways to find your friend.

This is a good guide for making friends on Facebook: How to Make Friends from Other Countries on Facebook

You can do it by searching his/her first name, second name and country. (Eg: John Doe Tanzania Facebook) (Another Eg: John Doe New York City Facebook)

If you don’t know your friends name and second name, this won’t also help you much. However you need some information to search for people. You won’t have any other good options to find your partner.

How to Find Someone on Facebook with Only a Picture

Since we got this question from a user of How to Chat Online, we are going to answer this. You can find someone on Facebook with a simple picture but it must be profile picture of your friend. and your friend shouldn’t disallow search engines to crawl his/her profile. Please check this paragraph to see steps to find your friend: How to Find Someone on Facebook Using a Picture 

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