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Facebook Girls 5Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular application for chatting with your online friends with your mobile phone. There are various chat apps about that on stores of Android and iOS. There are many good features on this application. If you are connected to internet, you can call your friend and voice chat her freely, you can send videos and share and send pictures anytime you want. You can also create groups as same as Facebook chat at all. There are also some other good features too. You can figure out when people see your messages with this software and you can also search people easily. So you can find people who wants to talk with you. You can see location of people if they are close to you and they can see that if they are close to you in the region. It’s also somewhat helpful to find location. You can send text messages to people.

It’s a free messenger service of Facebook for iPhone, iPad, iPod. The service is supporting 29 languages. So it’s highly likely you will able to use it in your own language. There’s English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Danish supports. You can download it via iTunes and Appstore.

How to Chat People on Facebook Messenger

Unfortunately there’s no video chat on Facebook Messenger yet, However the system is allowing you to video to people. You can record and send videos to people with your device and you can let anyone to see you. You can also send text messages to people with this application. Besides you can call anyone in your list. It’s free if your phone already connected to internet.

Minimum Requirements

You don’t need too much things in your Apple device to make this thing work. That’s what you need:

  • At the least iOS 7.0 or higher operating system.
  • You need to have one of these products: iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • The best performance: iPhone 5 and 6

Click here to download this iOS application free.

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