Facebook Messenger Alternatives with Video Chat for iOS

Are you looking for video chat with strangers apps for Apple products? There are many good chat apps on App Store which you can use free or with a small payment. We are going to recommend a few good applications for you on How to Chat Online. You will able to chat with people on these applications. Some of them are providing you chat with strangers and some of them allows you to talk with friends only. You will able to use your Camera device while you are talking to people and most of our suggestions supports audio chat and text chat too. These are generally good Facebook Messenger alternatives which allows you to do video chat.

We are going to introduce all these applications in the feature for you. However you can learn general features of them on here and you will able to get a short information. Generally they are compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad products. You will able to see what do you need as iOS version in the description of chat applications. There’s already download links of applications. If you are looking for a free service, you will also see that it’s a paid service or not. Let’s mention about alternative applications of Facebook Messenger.

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Video Chat Apps Which You Can Download from iOS

1-) Vichat for Facebook video chat : Unfortunately Facebook’s application doesn’t include the feature for video chat. However this application will allow you to video call, voice call and text messeage to your Facebook friends on Facebook. Vichat doesn’t require you to have very high version of Apple’s operating system. It’s compatible with iOS 4.7. It supoorts English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch languages. You can click here to download application. This is the best Facebook Messenger Alternative on App Store.

2-) FriendCaller Video Chat:  This is a quality chat application which will allow you to group talk, video call and audio call. You can talk to people freely on here. You can also chat with text if you don’t want to use audio or video. It supports English, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish languages. it’s compatible with iOS 7.0. You can click here to download app. Please note that: This application doesn’t allow you to talk to your Facebook friends. You need to add your friends who are using the application.

3-) ICQ: ICQ is still one of the largest chat community of the world and it’s one of the oldest one. You can talk to strangers with your camera device, call them with your microphone and send text messages them. You can also share photos and videos with your friends. It supports English, Turkish, Czech, German and Russian languages (many others). It’s compatible with iOS 7.0. You can click here to download this application.

4-) imo: imo is another good alternative messenger. You can send text messages, video chat and voice chat requests to your friends with this app. This application is supporting many other languages, not only usual ones. (Some supported languages: Norwegian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Thai, Vietnamese, Slovakian, Romanian, Korean, Japanese and Malay.) You can use this application on your own language. imo is requiring their users to have 7.0 at the least. Please click here to get application.

5-) Video Chat BFF: Do you want to flirt with people with your Apple Device. So you should certainly try this application. You can search people with their gender and start to talk them. You can also search people by location and age too. You can integrate your Facebook account, kik account and twitter account to this application. It supports only English language. You can click here to get application.

6-) Tango: Tango is one of the best alternatives of Facebook Video Messenger which you can talk to girls and guys with a gender filter easily. You can chat with random people. You can video call and voice call to people. You can also use this app on your PC too.

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