Facebook Messenger Alternatives for iPhone

Facebook Girls 8If you think that Facebook Messenger is not good enough to talk to people on internet and if you are looking for alternatives, this page will be a good guideline for you. We are going to introduce some applications for iPhone here. You can also use many of them on iPod Touch and iPad. We are also going to tell you which devices you can use for applications. Some of applications are free and some of them will require you to pay small amount cash but they are not expensive at all. If you want to use one of these applications, you can find them on App Store.

The applications are generally requiring you to have iOS 7 at the least or higher operating system. Generally most of them are good with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Some of them support many languages but they all have English support. So you won’t need to struggle with language knowledge at all. Let’s start to mention about Facebook Messenger alternatives. They are the most popular applications on Social Networking category on App Store and they rated high by users.

Facebook Messenger Alternatives

1-) Kik: Kik is a good chat service for all kind of Smartphones. You can also use it in your iPhone too. You can filter people on this messenger and talk to strangers. People will able to see your username but no phone number at all. You can share any kind of pictures and there’s also a group chat. 6.0 is required for your Apple device.

2-) WhatsApp : WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile chat apps for smart phones too. You can chat with your friends on this application and you can chat people freely. You can share videos and pictures. You can also record video and voice while you are chatting.

3-) TextNow : TextNow is an application only for iOS devices.  This application gives you a unique phone number and people can call you with this number freely. It doesn’t support video chat but still very good and promising application and a good Facebook Messenger alternative. TextNow is require iOS 4.3 or higher operation system.

4-) AIM: AIM is giving you many good options, if you are using that with your Apple device. You can tweet in Twitter, you can chat with your friends from GMail. You can join groups and chat with strangers, share your pictures and send text messages and more on AIM. AIM require iOS 8.0 or higher from users.

5-) KakaoTalk: This application is available for iOS and Android operating systems. You can use text messages, voice chat, group chat features with this application. There are more than 150 million people who are using this application on the world. You can also use that on PC. KakaoTalk requires you to have iOS 7.0 at the least.

6-) IM Instant Messenger : IM Instant Messenger is a chat application which will allow you to connect any social media platforms and it will help you to chat with people over there. You can use the messenger for Twitter, AIM, ICQ, Google Plus and Neighbors. You need to have iOS 7.0 to use this application.

7-) U-Chat: This applications has been created by a Mongolian designer. You willl find many useful tools here. You will able to chat with your Facebook friends. You won’t need Facebook Messenger app at all.  You will able to chat with people who are living near of you. You will able to search people by gender and add them as a friend. There are more attractive features on this messenger!

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