Why Is Facebook Dating Not Working Properly? Am I Banned?

Facebook is never behind in anything. It is always coming up with new features to make the experience even better for users. So, of course, it had to launch a dating section as well. 

Facebook Dating is their latest feature that allows you to find possible matches. You can match with users by either answering their questions or liking their profiles. 

If you are on it then you know how it works and that is why you are here. If it has stopped working properly for you then keep reading. 

Reasons For Not Working Properly 

Here are a few possible reasons your Facebook Dating might not be working properly:

  • Your app is not updated
  • The server is down for everyone
  • Your internet connection is down or lagging
  • Your phone’s cache data is corrupt
  • You have your notifications blocked

How To Fix These Problems

If you are facing any of these issues then here is how you can fix the problem:

  • Simply update the app on your phone
  • Check and see if other users are also reporting problems. If there are then the server is down and you can’t do anything. You will have to wait
  • You may need to troubleshoot your internet so your app can work again
  • You will have to clear the cache on your phone. This will instantly solve the problem
  • Turn your notifications back on by going to your phone’s settings

If the problem persists then you can restart your phone and check if it’s working again. Apart from that, you can also delete and reinstall the app. If there is still a problem then you need to get in touch with the Facebook Help Center. 

Did You Get Banned From Facebook Dating?

If none of this works then it may mean that you have been banned from Facebook Dating. This can be for several reasons as you may have violated some guidelines. 

Here are some other reasons Facebook Dating may decide to ban you:

#1. Profile Reported Multiple Times 

One reason may be that some users may have reported your profile. This resulted in you getting banned. This may have been someone you know or have interacted with on Facebook Dating. 

This is why it is essential to maintain a good reputation, especially on a dating app. If you misbehave or talk rudely then users may report your profile. 

You can check the Facebook Help Centre to see how you can get your profile back. If you can’t then there is not much that you can do about. 

#2. Flagged As A Fake Profile

Users can also flag your profile as fake. This ultimately results in getting banned from Facebook Dating. The app is constantly striving and moving to make the experience better for its users. 

This means that they have to keep some level of security so that fake profiles don’t end up on the app. When users flag profiles as fake the app takes notice and bans the user. Even Facebook can peg you as a fake profile if your details are untrue. 

So, make sure that all your information on your profile is correct. Upload a picture of yourself and enter the correct information so that your profile looks real. 

If your profile looks fake then you will not get anywhere through the app anyway. This is because people don’t interact with fake users or people that profiles look fake. 

You can contact their Help Centre and they can let you know if you are going to get your profile back. 

#3. Accused Of Trying To Scam Others 

This is why you should always keep appropriate behavior on the app. Facebook is always trying to protect its app from scammers and other frauds. This is why if you are accused of scamming then your profile will be immediately banned. 

If other users have accused you of scamming then you will get banned. This is why you should always maintain decorum and use Facebook Dating only for the purpose it is made for. 

If you try to do other things through it then you will get banned and there is not much that you will be able to do about it. Always follow the guidelines stated by the app so that you don’t get into trouble later on. 

If you are not a scammer and you still get banned for this reason then some user may have done it to ban you from the app. This is why you should always engage in a polite but friendly way so that things like these don’t happen to you in the future. 

Can You Get Your Profile Back? 

Now that you know all the reasons for getting banned, it is time to understand the process of getting your profile back. There are no official guidelines. 

Getting your profile back depends largely on the reason for getting banned. If you feel that the reason you got banned is false then you can always file a complaint on the app. 

You will have to wait for them to respond and they will guide you through the process. If they find that your reason for getting banned is false then they will instantly reactivate your account. 

This way you will be able to use the app again as soon as possible. However, it usually takes a week for the account to recover as you will have to reach out to them first and they will take their time to respond. 

Do remember that your regular profile will not be banned or deactivated and you can continue to use it. 

Final Words

We hope this answered all your questions regarding Facebook Dating. Almost all apps ban users from misusing their profiles or violating the guidelines set out by them. 

Of course, sometimes other people do it too if they want your profile banned. You just have to be careful and contact the app as soon as possible when you figure it out. 

This way you will get your account back in no time. 

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