Can You Delete Facebook Account without Waiting 14 Days?

Sometimes people want to delete their Facebook accounts because of several reasons. Some of these reasons make us want to remove those accounts immediately but Facebook allows us to do it in 2 weeks. We got a question regarding to this issue from a user and she wants to delete her account without 14 days… Can you remove an account immediately? The answer of this question is no. You can’t delete your Facebook immediately.

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Can You Delete Facebook Account without Waiting 14 Days?

As we have told you, you can’t do it on your own and there is not any settings for deleting an account without waiting 14 days. However your account will be deactivated during that 14 days and no one will able to see your profile. After 14 days later, your account will be removed completely. If you want people not to see your account, this will fix your problem. However if you login to your account in that 14 days, it will be activated again and people will able to see your Facebook account and the removal process will stop at all.

If you want to delete your account from Facebook, you can do the following:

  • Go to account delete page of Facebook.
  • When you go to account delete page of Facebook, you will see some options there.
  • There will be options like keeping messenger live, downloading your information… If you own a page, you will see settings for this and options for managing apps.
  • Please set up all those settings and don’t forget to download your information.
  • Finally click on blue “Delete account”.
  • Now you will need to wait for 14 days for account removal.
  • If you ever give up to delete your account, logging into your account will be enough for this.

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There is a Way to Remove Facebook Account Immediately?

Unfortunately there is not any other way to remove the account immediately. Maybe you can send a feedback to Facebook about the situation. However we are not even sure that you will get a response for that.

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