Austria is a nice country of Central Europe and you can meet many nice people of this country on some chat sites. You can also meet them on social media sites too. It’s possible to find them via hashtags on Twitter. If you search some Austrian city names in original names, you will able to meet with many Austrian girls on the site. We will tell you how to meet with these girls on Facebook and how to chat online with them. We have some good tips for you. However you shouldn’t forget that you should be patient if you want dating with girls on internet. Otherwise you will fail. There are common mistakes of men when they meet with a girl on internet. We will also mention about these mistakes on this page. So you will be enlightened, what to do and what you shouldn’t do.

If you want to meet with these girls on Omegle, you can also check our page about Omegle Austria, there are some useful tips there for you. You will able to online chat with Austrian girls on Omegle with our tips. Let’s talk about how to meet girls from Austria on Facebook.

Go to Random Chat Sites

How to Find

If you would like to find these girls on the site there are two ways to do it. However there are some steps you should do before you find them. You will need a list of cities in Austria. You can get this from Wikipedia easily. All you need to do is making a search like ” list of cities in Austria”. You will get a detailed list of cities and towns from the results. However we recommend you to copy the most crowded cities names. Names should be in original language. These are good examples for Austria cities:

  • Wien
  • Klagenfurt
  • Graz
  • Innsbruck
  • Linz
  • Salzburg
  • Österreich

Copy all these cities on a notepad file. That’s all you need to do for preparation step. Then you should log in your Facebook account and you can begin  to search girls.

Step 1
If you want to meet with girls on the site, you need to find out some groups. These city names will help you to find Austrian groups on the site. You should make a detailed search and click on groups. You will see members number in the results. Click on the number and you will see profile of many girls on the list. Feel free to message them. If you get a reply, You can start to talk them. You shouldn’t add them directly, for more info please read How to Chat section in this page.

Step 2 
This is another tip for meeting with girls on the site. However we recommend Step 1 for you. It will be more handy for you. In this step, you should search the pages with keywords (city names) which we have gave you. You should seek comments and likes on these pages and you will able to look at some Austrian girls profiles.

How to Chat

Before you start to talk to a female stranger, you should always remember that she knows nothing about you. So you should be very patient while you talk to her. Otherwise you can scare her. You may like a girl from her photos much, but telling that you love her is quite absurd. You can be blocked by her instantly if you say such things. Firstly you should search for your partners interests from her profile and talk her about these interests. It’s the easiest way to get girls attention. Speak with her for some time and after she get used to talk you, tell your feelings about that.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is adding a profile before messaging her and talking with your partner. Facebook may block you if you do that continuously.

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  1. Hello,

    I am from germany and I would like to add a few girls from Salzburg, Austria to my facebook account. I will go to the Salzburg as an Exchange student next year. I don’t care about your nationality at all. However I would like to talk to Turkish, Austrian, German, Serbian, Slovenian or Slovakian girls. I am interested with beautiful blonde girls much. Please reply me if you are interested to talk to me.


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