7 Tips to Create a Believable Fake Facebook Account

This article will teach you how to make a fake Facebook account. Once you learn how to do it, it is up to you how you use it. Creating a secondary account on Facebook is easy, the hard part is to make it look realistic. Decide on the details of your profile before you actually create a new account.

How Do You Make a Legal Fake Facebook Account?

How to Make a Convincing Fake Facebook Account

Set up a new email account.

You should avoid using your personal email address for your fake account. Create a new one that is solely for your fake Facebook account.

Do not use your fake email address for anything that might connect the account to you. This may include your login information for a bank account or any subscription service.

Choose a different service for your new email address. If you use Gmail normally, try using Yahoo or Outlook for your fake email.

Create an Identity

Try to keep the information you provide on your profile at a minimum level. You don’t need to enter every detail but there are things that your fake profile should have:

  • Hobbies and interests – Plan ahead the things in which your persona is interested. This list should include hobbies, daily activities, favorite music, etc.

  • Birthdate – Choose a date of birth that will reflect the persona you create. If you create a fake account aged 50 and follow Justin Bieber, no one will believe it.

  • Name – The name should be common but not that common to raise suspicion. John Smith, for example, draws attention. Consider using a name that was popular when you were born.

7 Tips to Create a Believable Fake Facebook Account

Don’t Overdo Details

The idea behind making a fake profile is having details that no one can verify. If you add something that a “friend” might prove wrong, that will affect your fake profile’s credibility.

Don’t list a specific school or workplace because someone who actually attended that school or work at that workplace might undermine you easily.

Try to be vague about the details.

Use real photos.

Ripping images off of Google is a sure way to get caught stealing photos, so you need to take original pictures and add them to your profile. Make sure there are no distinguishing features of those pictures that will give away the actual location.

Add friends

It really doesn’t matter how persuasive your fake profile is if nobody is there to connect with it, so add a few friends! Try adding people from the area your profile says you live in, as well as individuals from groups or interests that you have listed on your profile.

Please note that bothering people with your fake account can cause your account to be suspended, apart from being incorrect.

Be Active

Many people who use Facebook are pretty active during the day on their profile, so make sure you add contacts, share stuff, post once in a while, and sometimes change your job or contact details.

You may use the incognito mode of your app to log into your fake profile without signing out of your actual profile.

If you want to take a short break from your fake Facebook account, try posting a status like “Taking a holiday for a little bit.” Even the next time you log in, you can upload photos from your “vacation.”

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