You are Attempting to Signup from a Country on POF

While you are registering to POF, you are getting this error message: You are attempting to signup from a country we currently do not accept signups from your current location. It means you want to register your account with another country but POF can detect your country in registration process. If you are getting this error on POF and if you would like to change your country in registration process, we will tell you how to do it. This will be quite easy for you and it won’t take too much time. You can see our step by step guide below…

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You are Attempting to Signup from a Country We currently do not Accept Signups from your Current Location

You will need to do the following steps to sign up with any country you want to the POF:

  • Visit Hola VPN’s website. If you are using chrome, download it from Chrome Store.
  • Install it to your device.
  • Select the country from interface of Hola. The country should be same with the country that you want to register to POF.
  • Then go to POF and select the same country in the registration process.
  • That is it.

Now you can register to the POF with any country that you want to have in your profile.

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You are Attempting to Signup from a Country on POF

Is it Legal to Show Your Country Different in Registration?

There is nothing illegal for giving your information wrong in websites. However we don’t recommend you to use these information for impersonation. Impersonation is totally illegal at any country and at any website. So simply change your country via VPN and that is it. This is not illegal at all. However it is violating terms of Plenty of Fish. You can be banned or your account can be deactivated because of this. If it ever take place in the future, don’t get disappointed. Don’t forget to get contact stuff of your friends if you ever have some on POF. So you will go on to keep in touch with them.

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