Top 8 Tinder Tips

Tinder is a dating app with the most users and matches in the world. There are some rules required for meeting people in the application. Because of these rules, we have to say that the Tinder dating app offers a different experience for men and women. While male users generally look at the appearance and save it, the photo and description affect the women by 50 percent when looking at the data.

Now we will explain to you the steps you need to do to use tinder in the most effective way, without gender discrimination.


Write A Simple But Effective Bio

In such dating applications, users decide within 2 minutes whether to meet the other person or not. which means that writing a short but effective explanation to describe yourself increases your chances of getting a message.

Let Your Photos Reflect Your Character

 It is more important to meet a person who does not know you with an image that will reflect your character, rather than your cool appearance in your photos, so they can easily understand whether they can get along with you.

Choose High Resolution Photos

Avoid blurry, poorly cropped, highly edited photos to increase your profile’s dating opportunity. You have to show how you really look.

Do Not Include Others in Your Photos

The photos in your profile are not suitable for the photos you took with your group friends or any of them. Because the person who will decide if going to meet you or not can confuse by other persons and this will decrease your rate.

Change Your Tinder Profile’s Location

If you’re on a trip or moving, you can go on a date by changing your Tinder location. You can meet new people. In this way, you keep yourself and your environment constantly updated.

Reset your profile

If you have been using the application for a long time and you have been dating for a while, you may need a clean page to avoid interaction with the same people.

Update your bio constantly

People can change over time, our taste of music, movie and the perspective on the world undertanding. Thus updating your bio help you to create heathy connections through app.

Reduce Your Swipes

To meet the great candidates you must reduce your swipe rate. Since you cannot text all of them at once so you could lose great people due to late response

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