Plenty of Fish (also know as POF) is one of the most famous free dating website of the world. There are lots of fake accounts on the website since it has a good popularity. We are going to give you information on spot fake profile pictures on POF and how to spot those images. You can also ask us for more details via commenting this page.

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How to Spot Fake Profile Pictures on POF

Find Pictures on Google Image Search

There are various ways to spot ta fake profile picture on POF. Firstly we recommend you to search profile and other pictures of your partner.

  • Go to POF.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the profile of your partner.
  • Right click on your partner’s picture.
  • Click on “Search Google for image” button from the menu.
  • If you see similar results on the search results. Please see if your partners name, location details are matching.

Find Out If Your Partner Made His/Her Pictures Unique

Additionally, you will want to do this too… A fake profile owner will want to have unique pictures on his/her profile. So they will use the basic trick for this flipping pictures horizontally is the most known way of this. See the steps below:

  • Go to profile of your partner.
  • Right click on her/his pictures and save them.
  • Go to  Pixlr.
  • Click on Open Image from Your Computer.
  • Locate your picture and open it.
  • Click on “Image” on the top menu of the website.
  • Select “Flip Canvas Horizontal” on the drop down menu.
  • Click “File” on top menu.
  • Select “Save”.
  • Go to Images Search.
  • Click on camera icon in the search box.
  • Locate a picture that you want to search.

Ask for a Social Media Account

You have talked with someone for days on POF but you are now curious if she/he is fake or not. The most reliable way to spot a fake account is asking for a social media account. People won’t want to give their social media account to you at first times. However if you speak with someone for days, he/she can do it easily. If your partner is refusing to share his/her social media account with you, you can get suspicious. New social media accounts are also questionable.

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