Is Fake POF Account Illegal?

Plenty of Fish has many fake accounts inside as same as many other free dating websites. So what is the consequences of creating fake account on POF? Is Fake POF account illegal or not? We are going to answer this question on this page for you. This question has asked by a user of How to Chat Online and we are happy to answer this at all. This question has two answers… Those are yes and no. It depends to situation… You can see detailed information on what is illegal and what is not below.

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What is Illegal on a Fake POF Account?

If you use some of those information below of an individual on POF, you are going to be in trouble:

  • Using pictures of an individual is forbidden in most of countries. You will be charged for this.
  • If you are using name of the individual with same pictures, this will be an extra charge for you.
  • You can’t use personal data of people on your account. This is forbidden by most of lawmakers of the world.
  • You can’t make false statements for the name of an individual.
  • If you try fraud people, this can be directly reported to the police and you can be arrested very soon.

What is not Illegal on Fake POF Account?

If you do these below, you are going to be in safe:

  • Using pictures which has not any copyright claims on it. You can find those pictures on many websites.
  • If you don’t impersonate someone at all, that won’t be illegal.
  • Don’t use a name of the person with the owner of pictures.
  • If you don’t use personal data of people directly and don’t publish such private information, you will be in safe.
  • Avoid make statements for someone else.
  • If you avoid fraud people with your fake account, you can’t be accused with something illegal.

Is Fake POF Account Illegal

However your account can still be terminated since you will violate terms of POF with creating a fake account. We recommend you to use your real accounts and connect people with those ways instead of shiny fakes.

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