How to Spot Scam Dating Sites

Unfortunately there are many scam dating sites on internet and it is actually very easy to figure out them. Some dating website companies are adding fake profiles their websites and they are speaking to you and acting like they are real owner of these profiles.  You get automated or fake messages from them and getting live chat requests. Especially this very common in credit-based paid dating websites. We are going to give you a few tips for how to spot these sites on this page for you. Actually it is very easy to do and don’t forget to apply our steps on the website before purchasing products. It may be too late for you after you got scammed. Let’s tell you how to find out if a dating website scam or not.

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Spot a Dating Site is a Fake or Not By Traffic Details

If you would like to spot a dating site is fake or not, there is very easy way to control it. You will need to take a look at traffic details. or are the best options to see that. Let’s give you an example on howtochatonline.

Eg: girldatingasialtdcom is a dating site and it promises you to help you find girls from Ukraine. Nice and you want to talk to Ukrainian girls and dating with them! You have registered and sign in to girldatingasialtdcom  and you have seen many beautiful Ukrainian girl profiles! However girldatingasialtdcom is asking you to buy credits or premium account or vip account for talking to these girls.Now you will do a little research about the website. If the website has many girl profiles from Ukraine, they should get traffic from this country. Right? Go to and you will see a search bar at the top of the site.

Enter the website name to the search bar and hit enter. We have given girldatingasialtdcom  as an example (there is no site like that).  Scroll down and see the listing of countries on the website. It is just below of Audience Geography header on the website Oh wait! There is not traffic from Ukraine! So the website is trying to scamming you.

How to Spot Scam Dating Sites


But the site is getting traffic from other countries why?

Good question. It is because these dating sites placing ads on other websites and search. These are just men who interests with Ukrainian girls. Since the website is just targeting males. That’s why the website is generating traffic from these countries.

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Unexpected Messages From Girls

This is another way to spot a scam dating site. We recommend you to just wait for 24 hours before you make purchases from dating websites. Open an account, create your profile and don’t buy anything for one day. Do you start to get messages from girls who looks like an angel?  It is not angel. It is the devil who tries to scam you for purchasing credits or premium account.

Girl Profiles Who are Looking Like Models

We have recently reviewed, our team has adored their security and privacy system. We have created account on the website and asked administrator to activate our profile. However we got rejected. They have asked us to take a selfie picture and upload to the website. Besides we needed to hold a paper which is written Travel Host Date. That was the most trustworthy website which we have seen at registration process. We believe that a dating website absolutely should take action like them at registration process. We congratulate them.

A scam site hardly provides selfie pictures and poor quality pictures for you. May be you can see 2-3 photos like that but no more. You will see that all girls has taken picture like a model. We don’t recommend these sites for you.

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