Many people on the world are seeking their true love on dating sites. However some of them can use fake accounts for scamming people or securing their privacy. However these accounts may disappoint you at the end of your relationship. When you meet with someone you will meet with a girl or a guy who is quite ugly than you imagine since they have used someone else’s photos in their profiles. Or you will be scammed at result. Let us tell you how will you spot a fake account. If you would like to spot a fake account on a dating site, you will need to do a few things on the accounts it is very easy.

Use Google to Spot a Fake Account

The first step is searching picture of your partner in Google. You have found any similar picture with another name? So you are talking to a fake account. You can also see this page for more information: How to Spot Scam or Fake Account on MeetMe

Use Social Media and Messengers

You can use always social media and messenger to spot a fake account on a dating website.  Just request a Facebook account your partner and add her or him as a friend. If he or she says that “I don’t have any Facebook, Twitter or Messenger account”, it is a bloody lie. Don’t believe it and you can start to get suspicious about your partner. If she/he ever add you to Facebook or any other social media sites, you will need to check when he/she has created the account.  If it is a new account with similar pictures on dating site. Congratulations, you have detect a fake personality. If she/he adds you to messenger, You will need to push for live chat with your camera.

How to Spot a Fake Account on a Dating Site

Does He/She Demand Cash for Meeting With You on Dating Sites?

This is the incident which has happened on many dating site. He/She says love you but need cash to meet with you for flight ticket, visa price, etc. However if someone demands money from you on a dating site, you should believe him/her at all. They are fake accounts.

Let us know about your dating stories with a fake account and let people know about fake account strategies and tactics.

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