How to Find an American Girlfriend Living in Dubai

We got a question from a visitor from Dubai, United Arab Emirates recently. Our visitor would like to know how that how he can find an American girlfriend. We are going to discuss this topic on this page for you and we will try to help our visitor for this issue. I hope this can be useful to find an American girlfriend for you.

Since the question is not very clear we are going to try answer this question in two different ways. Our visitors didn’t tell us if he wants to find girlfriend from Dubai or if he wants to find an American girlfriend from USA.


I am Pakistani and live in Dubai, UAE. I would like to have a friend. How to find an American girlfriend?

Thank you for the question. You can find answers of your question below. We discussed your question in different two headers. For those who are living in Dubai and USA.

Meet American Girlfriend Living in Dubai

Be social in Dubai. If you would like to find an American girlfriend living in Dubai, we recommend you to try real life facts first. Personally I have been in Dubai for some business before. I have seen many foreigners at some clubs in the city. These are good places to meet people from other nations. It is highly likely that you can meet American women on these places. I have met with Australians, Filipinos, Americans and people from many other countries in these places. So it can also be a good option for you.

American Facebook Groups in Dubai. You can also check American Facebook groups in Dubai. So it will help you to meet American people too. All you need to do is login to your Facebook account. Type “Americans in Dubai” to search box. Then click on groups in the search results. Join those groups. “Americans Living in Dubai” also can be a good option for you. You can also check this tutorial: How to Chat with American Girls on Facebook

Use Twitter to meet them. This is also alternative option to meet them. You can find more information on this below.

How to Find an American Girlfriend Living in Dubai

How to Find an American Girlfriends from USA

There are various ways to meet people from USA on internet. We have mentioned about this on How to Chat Online. You can find some of them with chat sites and social networking platforms. Please check these guidelines, they are going to help you about your situation:

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