5 Rules to Get the Best Profile Picture for Dating Applications

If you think just uploading your old social media pictures to dating applications or websites will be enough to get you matches, think again. We all wish if it was that simple but there is almost a science behind it.
Knowing the details to impress your future date is vital. Do you think you can get yourself to the focus and show off with your best side?
Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to have a profile picture that will make the other side “wow”. If you are familiar with online dating, you probably know that people see hundreds of photos every day, and if your profile does not have the “wow” effect, you will probably be overlooked. In this brief guide, I will try to transfer my experience and knowledge to make you get the best profile picture for dating applications.

It is a known fact that women and men evaluate profile pictures with different standards in mind. For example, it’s okay for women to post selfies while it is usually judged negatively if a man posts a selfie. But there is some information that is valid for both genders and I will reveal that information in this article. If you use my tips for the perfect profile picture in your dating app, you’ll get closer to find what you’re looking for.

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1. Dress the Right Way

Clothes can reveal so much information about a person. Depending on your outfit, people looking at your profile tend to judge your character. If your profile picture is taken in a sports outfit, it is probably because you are a person who likes sports. So, what kind of person are you? Or perhaps a better question should be; what kind of person do you want to look like in your dating app?

  • For women, nearly everything is okay, whether it’s sweaters, dresses, jeans, T-shirts, etc. Dresses and high heels are very trendy and feminine, and perfect for a complete body image. However, the camera should not show a deep neckline as beautiful as it may be.
  • The ideal outfit for men is of course “suit”. Women find a man who dresses well very attractive. Therefore, a profile picture in a suit will increase your chances of getting noticed. Suits are associated with career and success. If you feel suit is not the ideal outfit for you, wear your favorite outfit. Jeans and shirts are okay as long as you look clean and neat.

2. Choose the appropriate background

  • Make sure your room is tidy when you are taking a selfie! Nobody likes a mess.
  • Men should try to take their photos outside. It is clear that women like active men, not a man who sits on the couch all day. Think of the message you are giving with your picture.
  • The background should be clear. A chaotic background will divert attention.

3. Your Expression is Your Character

  • I have mentioned outfits to be an important factor for your profile picture. But the best thing a person can wear is his/her smile. Don’t try to look too serious or too bossy in your picture. Be natural and smile. Be friendly. You don’t have to show your teeth, just don’t look grim. And please, don’t make a duckface!

4. Stare directly into their eyes

  • A direct glance at the camera creates the impression that you are staring at him directly, creating a sense of intimacy. If you also smile while looking into their eyes, you might get a new fan.

5. Prepare before taking the picture

Being well-groomed is highly important. Take some time to prepare before shooting. Your self-esteem will increase by being well-groomed which will be felt in your profile picture.

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