World Singles Review: Meet International Singles

World Singles is a dating website where you can meet people from different countries of the world. However you won’t meet many online people on this website. Still it worths to give it a try though. You will able to use some features freely on the website but not all of them. For that you will certainly need to purchase a premium account. Please read our review for below. You can also add your review and share your experiences with us at the bottom of this page.

Cons and Pros of World Singles

The website has many networks from different countries with different websites. So that will help you meet different people from different countries of the world. You can meet international singles with this website. You can see cons and pros of World Singles at our review below.


  • World Singles is easy to register.
  • There is a large network of the company.
  • You can meet international singles.


  • There are not much online people on the website.
  • Prices are a little bit expensive.
  • It is only in English Language.


  • International Dating
  • Paid Dating

World Singles Review

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World Singles










Free Features





  • There are good features of World Singles.
  • The website is providing international service and you can register here from any country.
  • It is a promising website and hopefully it will be improved soon.


  • World Singles is a paid dating site and it's impossible to use your account effectively without purchasing premium account from the website.
  • The popularity of the site is low at the moment. It means you won't meet active users on there.
  • You will not find more than 10 people on the website in a time.

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