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PinaLove is a quality Filipino dating website where you can meet people from Philippines and USA. You will able to meet Filipino people who are living USA and Philippines on the website. You can use the website as free but you may also purchase for using some features of the website. is a good Pinoy dating site to meet Filipino singles. You can find some unique features on there and you will able to get real Filipino girls and guys. There are also many people from USA on the website. You can add your dating review for the website on this page and you can also read our reviews.

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Cons and Pros of PinaLove

You can find cons and pros of PinaLove below. You can also help us to improve this review with your comments. If you have any good or bad experiences with the website, please leave a comment. We are going to moderate your comment and add your thoughts on this review. You can also find some other important informations about the website. You can learn where are active people from on the website (generally), you can check languages of the website and also categories which are related with PinaLove.


  • Registration process is fast and easy.
  • Search feature is good.
  • Good for Filipino dating.
  • No need to pay for registration.
  • You don’t need to fill many registration forms.
  • Reasonable prices for monthly premium membership.
  • Discounts on purchase for more than one month.
  • You can use the website free if you want.
  • You can search online people.
  • Profiles generally look real ones.


  • There can be scam and fake account risk on PinaLove.
  • There is approval stage after account creation.
  • There is not good matchmaking features.

Regions and Countries

  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Vietnam


  • English Only
PinaLove Review


  • Asian Dating
  • Filipino Dating

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