Pagan Partners Review: Meet Pagan Singles in UK

Pagan Partners is a quality UK dating site where you will meet people from United Kingdom. It has a unique design and content. You will need to make payment for registering to the website and the website is for UK citizens only. It is not accepting members who are living outside of United Kingdom. You can meet Pagans from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man on the website. You will find many Pagan girls and guys on the website. You can read our review and add your dating review about Pagan Partners on this page.

Features and Positives of Pagan Partners UK

  • The site is very good for those who are living in United Kingdom. (Scotland, Wales, England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland)
  • It has unique design and concept.
  • Good if you are looking for Pagans.
  • There is a basic search feature.
  • This is the only one opportunity if you would like to date Pagan Singles.

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  • Requests cash at registration stage.
  • Doesn’t allow international users to register to the site.
  • Popularity is low in the site, so you will hardly meet online people or you will get responds very late.
  • Search feature could be better.
  • There is no matchmaking service at all.
  • Supports only one language

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We couldn’t detect any region or any country where website gets the traffic. However the website is providing service for meet Pagan singles from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You will generally find profiles from those regions and countries.


  • English Only

Pagan Partners Review


  • UK Dating
  • Pagan Dating
  • Religious Dating
  • Interest-Based Dating
  • Paid Dating

If you already have an account on Pagan Partners and want to write a review about the website, you can comment this page below. The website is only opportunity to meet Pagan Singles online.

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Pagan Partners










Free Features





  • Pagan Partners UK is a kind of dating website which you will find on internet hardly. It has a unique design and concept. If you would like to meet Pagan singles on internet, this website is quite suitable for you.
  • The site prices are very cheap when you compare it with other paid dating services. The website require payment for 6 months and it is only 15 Pounds.
  • You will generally meet people from United Kingdom since it is a UK dating site.
  • f you are a pagan, you may give a try to


  • There are some risks to get membership from the website since you can't test the website with a free account and you will need to pay at registration stage.
  • Don't expect much from the website since it almost doesn't get any traffic.

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