How to Cancel Subscription Seeking App on Android?

Seeking is an application that you can find online dates and you can subscribe to the application to use some further features. Despite their prices being reasonable, it is not possible to cancel Seeking App on Play Store. The app gives you only one option for the subscription and this is about reducing the subscription. So if you want to stop your membership on the app, there won’t be any option that will help you. There are a few solutions to fix this situation. We are going to provide those options to you below. If you have any questions regarding canceling a subscription to the seeking app, please feel free to ask us in the comment section of this page.

How to Cancel Subscription Seeking App on Android

How to Cancel Subscription on Seeking?

If you would like to cancel your subscription to Seeking on Android, you email to support service of the application. Before you send an email to the support service, you should consider what details you should give to the application devs. More details mean a faster solution. However, we recommend you to not give details about your card. You should give your email address which you registered to the app and also the phone number. And you should kindly ask them to cancel the subscription. Seeking app accepts those support requests to their official email address: [email protected]

Send a Support Ticket to Cancel

Sending a ticket through the support page of Seeking is another good option. We recommend you to not to visit and FAQ pages because you won’t find any details about canceling your subscription on those pages. You should go to the ticket page of Seeking to submit your request. Let’s tell you what to do step by step in the ticket page.

Enter Your Email Adress

If you used an email address while registering a profile, please ensure that you are using that email. If you didn’t, please use one of your emails that you use actively. After you send the ticket, ensure you check the spam folder until you get an answer. So you are not going to miss any response of them.

Enter Your Username

Once you register for the application, you are going to own a username. Since you already registered and subscribed the service, you should have a username. Check the application to ensure the username you use and enter it to this field. Ensure not to make a typo while you are adding your username.


Category is the most important field here because you are going to pick which department will read your ticket here. Since our issue is related to canceling the auto payments on the Seeking app, you will want to select “Billing” here. Please don’t select Fraud / Privacy / Member Complaint / Scamming option. This is not related to your issue and these are generally reported for other users.


This section is optional but we recommend you to write a clear subject here. Please don’t type “Hello”, “Hi”, “My Account” or such. Please write a TLDR of what you ask from the support. “I would like to cancel my subscription” can be a good option here.


You should write a wrong description of what you demand from developers here. We recommend you to use a kind speech in your text. Don’t forget that you are the one who wants to cancel your subscription to Seeking. So try to be descriptive as much as you can!

Request Support

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