Free Dating Australia Review

Free Dating Australia is a nice Australian dating platform with mediocre dating features. You will generally meet people from Australia on the site since foreigners are not allowed to join. If you are citizen of Australia, you can still get a membership from the site. It may take 24 hours to get your account since there’s a long registration period after you fill your forms.The site has already chat room platform where you can talk to members of the site. You can join there as a guest. However don’t talk to moderators, you can get ban for nothing. (That’s what happened while we try to talk with moderator for a short interview ).  There’s video and voice chat features on the chat room.

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Features & Positives

  • Site-wide chat room service which can be used by guess.
  • Video chat service on the chat room.
  • Voice and text chat on the chat room.
  • You can send and receive private messages.
  • You can search users by their ethnicity.
  • Search users by city.

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  • No mobile service.
  • There’s not a quality and specific search feature.
  • There’s not a good matchmaking system.
  • Registration process is too long.
  • There are some issues about reliability with the site.
  • There can be many fake accounts since the site is free.
  • Only one language support.
  • Very limited region.
  • There’s not too much fun tools for dating, such as quizes and dating games.
  • Popularity in Australia is not very high.

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  • English Only

Free Dating Australia Review


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