BH Date Reviews: Talk to Real Girls and Start a Date

BH Date is an online dating and chat application that you can meet lots of girls and guys. There are lots of girls for those who are looking for dating on an app. It is free to register for the application. You don’t need to fill tons of forms to register for this service. You can join with an email and basic information about you. The app’s popularity is very high. There are lots of online people and many active users. You don’t need to deal with passive accounts at all. The best thing about this app, you can find girls and guys who are living in Eastern Europe.

Registration Process is Fast and Easy

You can register to the app quite fast. The process is easy and fast. All you need to do download the application from Google Play Store first. Then you will need to fill the form. You won’t need to fill an additional form in the application. Once you registered for the service, you can upload your picture. So some girls may want to talk to you. We recommend you add your picture after the registration. Yeah, this app is very helpful for meeting with girls. After we registered to the app and upload our picture, we got some chat requests from beautiful girls! They are real and they really want to chat with you, but they will also take your money!

BH Dating Registration Form

How do You Meet Girls and Guys on BH Date?

You can do it by the application. There is a good search system for the app. You can use it for free and tap on the chat icon to begin to talk to people. There are text chat and video chat services available on the app. The app doesn’t require you to have a camera as same as other random chat or video chat dating apps. All you need to have a phone. You can talk to girls without a camera too.

If you are looking for girls from a country, you can narrow the network of the app with the search feature. You can also search for girls for specific nationalities, hobbies, etc.

You need to be 18 years old minimum to use this application. If you are looking for a teenager dating, this won’t be a perfect option for you. For those who are looking for dating with girls that are older than 18, this app will be a perfect opportunity for you.

BH Dating Online Chat with Real Girls

Is BH Date Legit Application?

We have tested the application for you and it is quite a scam service designed to take your money. If you are looking for dating from Eastern Europe, we recommend this service for you. The application is asking you to pay for some features. Is it worth it? We believe that it might be… Because it is one of the rare dating applications that you can meet real girls through the internet. Nowadays it is a kind of service we can hardly find.

There are a kind and responsive staff of the application that will assist you with anything and any problem with the app. You can get your problems resolved in a few minutes with the help of them. BH Date is owned by a company that wants your money. So your account and you are going to be secure on the app. You will just enjoy dating chat with people and make friends through this application.

If you are already a user of BH Date and want to review the application, please leave your comment below!

BH Date










Free Features





  • You can meet people from Russia
  • There are many active people on the app. There are not passive accounts.
  • Perfect for talking to real girls and guys.
  • Free to register! Registration process is very quick.


  • It's a scam designed to take your money

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