Algerian Dating Review: Meet Algerian Singles

Algerian Dating is a website which promises you to meet girls and guys from Algeria in North Africa. However the website doesn’t get many traffics from this country and it means that, you will hardly meet people from Algeria on the website. The website popularity is very low.

However it will be free for you to test the website since the registration process is easy and free. Maybe you will have opportunity to meet Algerian singles on internet.

You can read our dating reviews for the website below and you can also add your own review at the bottom of this page.

Cons and Pros of Algerian Dating

You can find a short review for Algerian dating below:

  • Good for if you are looking for a dating from North Africa.
  • It is good for Algerian dating.
  • You can hardly meet online people on here.
  • The popularity of the website is very low.
  • We couldn’t detect any traffic to the website from a certain country. It means, the website doesn’t even get enough traffic from Algeria.
  • The website available in English language only.
  • The problem is there is not much English speakers on Algeria. If the French language was available on the website, it could be better.
  • Good for meet Algerian singles if you can find any.

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Algerian Dating is promising their users to meet people from Algeria. However website is not very promising to make people meet people from Algeria. We recommend you to look for another dating website instead of this. You will certainly find better options. You can also try French dating websites on internet. There are many good websites for this.

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Algerian Dating Review

If you have any good or bad experience on Algerian Dating, please feel free to share it with us. You can leave a comment below to review the website and help us to improve this review. You will also help others to learn more about the website.

Algerian Dating










Free Features





  • Algerian Dating is a dating site in English language and it promises you to meet girls from Algeria.
  • It is free to register and getting an account.


  • The website has not many visitors, so it will be hard for you to meet people from this country.
  • There are not much active users on the website.
  • It is recommended to not to expect much from this website.

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