Afghan Dating Review

Afghan Dating is a simple dating website that promises you to meet people from Afghanistan and also promises to meet Afghan people who are living at abroad. The website is providing free service for their users, however the popularity of the website is very low and it is hardly getting users from Afghanistan.

Features of Afghan Dating

Cons and pros of Afghan Dating:

  • You will meet with people from whole around the world. The website is about Afghan Dating at the first glance. However it is a branch of an international dating website.
  • There are not much Afghan users on the website.
  • The website is providing a paid service.

Meet Afghans is another dating website which is based on Afghanistan and Afghans who are living at abroad. You can also check our dating review for the website: Meet Afghans Review

Regions and Countries

We couldn’t collect any data from since the site is not getting enough traffic in recent months. It means there are not much active users on the website from Afghanistan or any other country on the world.


You can use these languages on Afghan Dating:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese


  • Free Dating
  • Afghan Dating
  • Asian Dating

Since there are not much Afghans on dating websites, we recommend you to read this article to make friends from this country: How to Make Friends from Afghanistan

Afghan Dating Review

Afghan Dating is a branch of an international dating company. When you register to the website, it will make you login to an international dating platform instead of a local Afghan dating website. There are not also much Afghan users on the website. So don’t get disappointed after you register to the Afghan Dating. If you have any good or bad experiences with Afghan dating, you can share it on this page with other users.

Afghan Dating










Free Features





  • Afghan Dating is a free website.
  • There is a good search feature of You can use this feature without registering too.
  • The website is providing good features like events, photo albums, musics, etc.


  • The website has not almost any active users at the moment. It is free, you can give a try to the website. However this will be a time loss at all.
  • Afghan Dating may include many fake and scam profiles and we recommend you to be careful about that. If you do not know how to avoid scams please avoid from the website.
  • There is not any official language of Afghans on the website.

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