Chatroulette is one of the best platform on Internet and there are many online people in the site always. This site has superb features and it attracts their users with these features. However the site is require token for using it’s feature and the site requires their users to verify their mobile phones with SMS. We are going to tell you step by step how to use these tools. You can click here to learn how to bypass verification step. Tokens are generally premium connections on the site. With these connections you will able to chat with people from certain countries, certain genders and certain ages. If you don’t have these special tools you will able to chat with random people on the site. I believe it’s not what you want from a chat site. Everyone wants to specify his/her partners specialities but it’s not easy to find such a chat site on internet. May be you can find some free dating sites but I don’t know it’s possible that you can meet them online. It will be hard for you to meet with your partners online on dating sites. So I recommend you to pay for tokens in site and meet with people whoever you want to meet. This features are called as premium connections. Chatroulette gives you 100 premium connections for a token. (Which is 10 dollars. 500 connections to 50 dollars) So what can you do with these chatroulette tokens and what features you will able to use with tokens? Let’s talk about that…

Specify Gender

You can specify gender while you search for a partner on Chatroulette. It’s only possible with tokens. You will able to do premium connections with these tokens and you will find any targeted gender.

Go to Random Chat Sites

Specify Location

You can choose your partners location with tokens of the site. So you will able to get a partner from certain countries. You know some country’s people have different features. Some of them blonde, some of them brunette. You can do it as your taste.

Specify Age

You can already specify age on the site and you can get a partner from any age you want. It’s one of the best feature on the site.

You can get these premium connections only with token in Chatroulette. But you should pay for it. If you look something free, you can check free dating or friendship sites.

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