How to Purchase Tokens on Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the best communication system with strangers on Internet. You can chat here with strangers and you may even think about a dating with them in the future. There are some features on the site and these features are only work with tokens. We are going to tell you how to purchase these tokens in the site. I hope it’s going to be useful information for you and you can get your premium connections easily. With these premium connections you can find a partner for yourself easily and you can chat with them. It’s only way to chat only girls on the site. They are very useful but the site is requiring some cash for this service.

If you would like to chat with only certain gender on Chatroulette, you will need these premium connections. There are two kind of premium connections in the site. One of them is just 10 dollars and these tokens provides you 100 premium connection. The other ones are 50 dollars and these provide you 500 premium connections. You can filter genders with these connections and you can chat with any people you want. Now let’s talk about how to purchase it.

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Purchase Tokens

It’s very simple and easy. After you buy it you won’t have any problem and your account will have premium connections easily. Firstly you should get a membership in the site. It will be enough to click on “Start” button to get registration form. It will take your seconds but don’t forget to fill form with correct information. Especially e-mail address… Then log in your account and click on Premium button. You are going to see two buttons there for 10 dollars and 50 dollars. Click one of them and purchase it. You will receive a code. Please go to Chatroulette again click on Premium and paste your code there. That is all…  Now you have premium connection. You will also verify your account via SMS, you can bypass SMS verification with different ways.

Chatroulette Rules

If you purchased premium connections it will make you a premium member but I should warn you that if you got 3 report issues in 150 connections, you will get ban from the site and you won’t able to take back your connections nor your cash. So you should be very careful while you chat on the site. They don’t care if you have premium membership or not…

If you purchase tokens on Chatroulette, you will able to get a lot of partners. So if you want to meet with opposite gender on the site you will need these premium stuffs.

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    I had some problems to buy them in the site. But you helped me alot man! Thanks. I start to chat with girls! Lol! Thanks again


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