How to Filter Countries on Chatroulette

brunette chat girl 2If you would like to talk with people from certain countries, you need to find out some chat sites where you can filter countries. One of the best sites is Chatroulette on internet for that, it’s a free feature and you don’t need to pay for this service. However you should register to site for a short time. You don’t even need to activate your account with your mobile on the site. It will take your seconds to register and it’s free at all. We hope that you will able to do that easily. we will also publish a video for you and it will be easy for you to understand how to select countries.

Many people don’t want to meet with people from some countries. This feature will help you to block some countries and it will allow you to chat on the site as your wish. Some countries have more black, brunette, redhead or black girls. You can meet one of these girls via filtering regions, cities and countries. It’s not going to take too much time from you to set this feature.

How to Set Up Filter

If you don’t have an account from chatroulette, you should get it first. It will take 30 seconds to get account. After you get an account, please look at top bar of the site. You will see a few buttons there click on  Profile and Settings button. After you click on this button a new and little window will appear on your screen. There will be buttons top bar of this little window. (such as Audio and video, info, tastes and etc.) Click on “Search” button there and select country from the bar which is below of “Connect to only specific countries” text. You can add more than 1 country. After you select a country click on add button. That’s all.

Video for Filter Countries Settings

You can watch this video for learn to filtering easily:

How to Find Girls from Specific Countries on Chatroulette

You can specify countries on the site however you can’t specify genders freely. If you would like to chat with girls from specific countries, you should do the steps which we have told you in above and tyou should purchase tokens from site. After you get them, you should enter search feature of the site again and select a gender from the site.

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