Connect Only to Specific Countries on Chatroulette

Would you like to meet with girls or guys from specific countries on Internet and you would like to chat with them? Chatroulette is one of the best site where you can specify countries. You don’t need to pay for this service and you don’t need to spend any cash. You can meet with girls and guys from any country you want. There are more than 150 countries on the site.  You can chat with people all of these countries. You will able to chat with girls and guys from France, Sweden, Turkey, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Norway, Greece from Europe; Algeria, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Tunisia from Africa; Canada, USA, Mexico from North America; Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile from South America; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Jamaica from Central America; Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea from Oceania; Iran, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, India from Asia. This is awesome place to meet with girls and guys. You can start new relationships and you can create new dating stories on the site. It’s free to use this site. If you would like to chat with only girls on the site you need to purchase some tokens from site. Otherwise you will connect random partners.

How to Specify Countries

Firstly you need a get an account for chatting on Chatroulette. After you get one, you will able to specify countries freely. Login to site and click support and contacts. A new window will appear on your screen. There’s a top bar in the new screen. Select Search section from there and you will see a list of countries. Select any country you want from the list and click on Add Country button for each countries. Congratulations. Now you will able to connect to people from any country you want. You can watch to video for learn better how to specify countries:

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There’s a webcam search bar on the right side bar. You can select one of these sections from right sidebar.

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