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chatroulette girls 3Chatroulette verification error is very popular nowadays. Generally users who wants to verify their account are meeting with this problem. There are many ways to fix it and you will able to find enough information about that in here. We have already told you how to verify an account in Chatroulette with mobile. If you don’t know how to verify your account you can take a look at that subject. If you are meeting with verification error when you want to activate your account, we are going to help you in this page. You have done everything correct, and you didn’t able to verify your account? You will able to find answer your questions in this article. It won’t be very hard for you but it might take your time a little bit.

Some people from certain countries don’t able to receive a verification code too. It’s another serious problem but it’s not hard to solve. Chatroulette staffs are working hard about that they are going to give you some solutions. I believe you are curious how they will do that. All you have to do is contact them. However they may answer you very late so please take a look at these steps to fix this error. These are steps which you should follow:

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Fixing  Error

When you get error you get this message from the site: “System error. This might due to an incorrectly typed phone number. Try using a different one. If the error persists, try again later”. These are the steps which will help you to fixing verification error.

Change your browser. Some browsers can make problems in the site.

Delete your cookies and try to enter your code again.

If you don’t have a dedicated IP, please reset your modem and try to connect site again.

If you have dedicated IP, try use some proxies and proxy sites or such.

You can try using some free sms receive services too. You can see our guideline in the video.


If you can’t still resolve the problem, you should apply to site moderators. Go through “Support and Contacts” button and click on “Contact Support” button. Select “Account Issue” in first section and then write about your verification error. Ask them to give you a code nicely. Enter a valid e-mail address and click on “Send” button. Now you have to wait until they answer you. If you didn’t receive any code, see the below:

Didn’t Receive a Code

You can do the last step if you didn’t receive any verification code. There’s nothing to do that with this problem. You should contact with Chatroulette Staff and you should tell them about your problem and you can ask them to fix this verification error. They will respond your questions as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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