Chatroulette Dishes Prank

Chatroulette is one of the best random chat platforms on internet and there are always many online users on the website. There are also many several pranks on the the website as same as Omegle. However dishes prank became very legendary on internet world and person who prank others on the website, surprised many people. It was very creative joke and made laugh anyone who has watched him on Chatroulette. The video of the prank has been published in several websites and also Youtube.

You can also watch the video on Youtube and see the legendary prank on the website: Click here to watch the video. There are also several GIF format of the prank on internet. You can also download these GIF versions with searching on Google Images.

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That is one of the most amusing pranks on internet world until now. There are also several version of dishes prank on Youtube at the moment. You can watch them on Youtube if you search “Chatroulette Dishes”. You can also search Chatroulette Pranks to see alternative versions. There are also many good pranks on Omegle. You can read some of them on guideline however they are very basic. We recommend you to search them on Youtube and get more information on how to prank people while you are chatting with them with a video chat. There are also many text versions too. However prank in text chat is always harder than video one. If you have any question about that you can comment this page.


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