Chatroulette Camera not Working

Chatroulette is providing random chat and online dating opportunities for their users on internet. If you are having problem with your cam on online chat sites, this is generally because of your website settings or the website itself. Some of our users have reported that Chatroulette camera not working in their computer. We are going to provide solutions for this on this page for you. You can check our steps below and follow those guides step by step. If there is anything which you don’t understand at these steps, you can tell us with a comment.

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Chatroulette Camera not Working

This is how you can fix the problem if chatroulette camera not working:

  • Go to Chatroulette.
  • If you see this text on the website: Could not publish your video. Make sure that you have allowed access to your webcam / audio, that no other application is using it and that your browser supports WebRTC. Please click on Grant access to camera and microphone button. Please ignore if you don’t see this warning.
  • Please click on green “Secure” text which is located near of the address bar.
  • Click on site settings.
  • Click on drop down menu which is located near of the camera and select “Allow”.

That is what you can do if Chatroulette camera not working on your device. This will allow you to access Chatroulette to your camera on your browser. We recommend you to use Google Chrome for this. All steps above has provided with Google Chrome.

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If you already setup all those permissions well, you will need to check the following steps.

Chatroulette Camera not Working

Camera Doesn’t Work on Chatroulette

  • Please check your internet connection at speed testers.
  • If you have slow speed, you can’t use camera.
  • Clear cookies and history of your browser and try reconnect Chatroulette.
  • Close any app or website or extension which uses your camera.
  • Check settings of your camera on your operating system.
  • Ensure that you have plugged your camera to your PC well.
  • You may have a broken cable problem if you have external device.
  • Try another camera on your device and see if it is working.

These are some important steps that you should do if camera is not working on your browser. See: You have Denied Access to Your Devices Error on Video Chat Sites

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