Chatroulette Alternatives with Gender Selection

If you would like to meet with only girls and guys on online chat sites, you will need to know some sites. Otherwise you won’t able to find any suitable partners for yourself. You need to pay to chatroulette if you want to meet only girls. It’s very hard to meet with girls on Omegle and Chatrandom. You will able to find out some alternatives of these sites and you can make new partners from different countries. There will be some of these sites on this page and there will be some tips for how to meet with them. You can also learn about features of the sites and what they require from their users. We will mention about only sites which offers you gender selection feature. You will able to find many partners with this feature and you will able to talk them.

If you want  chat  with only girls or only guys we recommend these sites for you. You will get successful results and you will meet with many good people from different countries. You can even dating with them and create a new relationship for your life.

Omegle BY

Omegle BY is a chat site where you can meet with beautiful Belarusian girls. Registration is not required in the site but a camera is required. You can also use the site with fake webcam programs. So you shouldn’t worry much about camera. All you need to do is finding a fake webcam program and install it to your computer. This virtual device will help you to enter to site if you don’t have a cam. It’s a good Chatroulette alternative and it’s free!


FlipChat is another good Chatroulette alternative where you can specify genders. You don’t need to register to site at all and no camere required for the site. It’s free and you can set gender selection feature at the mainboard of chat. In gender section, you need to select your gender and in seeking section you need to select what you seek in the site. It’s a quality random chat site.

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  1. Thank you for tips. They are very useful really. I managed to find many males to talk on the sites which you have suggested here. They were free and quality chat sites. Do you have any other suggestion for chatting with foreign people?

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