chatroulette mobile account girlsChatroulette is a world-wide chat site and there are many online people on the site. However the site asking for bypass Chatroulette account verification if you even get a membership from the site. You can only verify your account with mobile. After you receive a certain amount connection (I think it’s about 10 or 15) the system will ask you to enter your mobile phone. It’s a completely free service with SMS. However I know that it’s annoying. Many people have protested this idea but Chatroulette didn’t give up about this system. It’s actually because removing perverts, scammers from system at all… So how do they do that? Why Chatroulette wants a verification code?

It’s easy to understand really. When people get ban from site because of their violence against rules, they can change their IP with some tools and they can go on their behaviour in site. SMS account verification has stooped this people at all. So they won’t able to chat on site again and they can’t verify their account with same phone again. If they have another phone number, it’s possible for them to come back. But they will ban one more time if they try to be violating rules again. Chatroulette is a quite safe chat site for those who wants a clean chat and friendship.

Verify Account with Mobile

Firstly you should be careful about select correct country in site options for your profile. Because you are going to get a SMS message with phone. Type your mobile number on Chatroulette and click on “Get Code” button. You will get a code in seconds. Paste this code on second step and click on “Enter” button. That’s all!
If you don’t want to give your phone number to Chatroulette, you can watch our guideline to solve the problem:


Verification Step by Step

  • Connect more than 10 people on site.
  • Then you will receive a verification message in your screen.
  • Type your phone number on the screen.
  • Click on “Get Code” button.
  • You will receive a SMS on your mobile. You will see a code in SMS.
  • Paste code on Chatroulette board.
  • Click on Enter.

If you want to bypass this system or if you are getting errors, you can also find information about that in our site.

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  1. Hello,

    I am Amin from Lebanon. I would like to get an account from Chatroulette recently however I failed a few times. I am desperate at the moment. Can you help me?

  2. I hate it really. It’s very annoying and not necessary. Perverts still can get their friends phone! Activation code isn’t coming here at all.

  3. It wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t get my code for a while. Then I could able to get the code with my friend’s phone. Thanks for tips.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the information. I found it always nonsense why chatroulette wants telephone numbers from us. You make it very clear here. I believe this information will be useful for beginners.


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